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Essential Qualities and Skills For A Security Guard

Security Guard

Being a security guard is not an ordinary job, you need to have the essential set of qualities and skills. The services of armed security guards or unarmed guards, require you to protect the source and resource of the person hiring you including human resources, monetary resources, documents and other important belongings. This leads to the stringent criteria for hiring security guards.

People tend to hire both armed and unarmed security guards depending upon their necessity, but both types of service require you to have certain qualities and skills. We bring to you the list of skills and qualities that must be inculcated in security guards. 

  1. Extensive role and responsibilities – It is a standard misconception that a security guard’s role is to fight people robbing the building. No, that’s a myth! A guard must do several things, and one among them is providing care just in case of crisis. You have to be able to face every situation. Just in case someone is stabbed or injured, you need to provide immediate relief by bandaging the wound. Contact help as soon as possible and make sure the victim’s survival.
  2. Fearlessness and risk-taking behaviour – You want to be prepared to face every situation bravely. A security guard is probably going to encounter all kinds of people. It includes people with positive and negative intentions. A security guard has to handle everyone tactfully and protect those around you. It wouldn’t be wrong to mention that a security guard should have faith to take care of other people’s lives before he cares about his own. Security guard’s life motto – “them before me.”
  3. Physical fitness – One of the foremost prominent qualities that employers search for in security guards is fitness. No employer wants a security guard who is ignorant. It might be helpful if you are able to rush in case of an emergency. You ought to practice running and other sorts of exercise to make sure that you simply are fit and in fine condition. You can’t be obese or malnourished if you aspire to become a security guard.
  4. Charming Personality – In most buildings, be it residential properties or corporate venues, the security guard is the very first thing that visitors concentrate on. Thus, imagine that you simply are employed at a chain of hotels. Then, you want to be ready to command respect. You ought to have an aura and an enthralling personality. Don’t confuse this with attractiveness. You want to follow the fundamentals of maintaining basic decorum like facial expression, correct standing posture, straight back, and activeness. Since the primary impression is that the last, you’ll play a big role in making or breaking the company’s name.
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