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Need Of Specialized Armed Security Officers In San Bernardino

Armed Security Officers In San Bernardino

Let’s consider exactly why you need a security guard:.

To guarantee crowd control at a special event. To accompany a person – celebrity or diplomat. To assure the safe arrival of a package carried by hand. To guard your premises, worksite, construction site, neighbourhood, park, school, to accompany a tour group… etc. Security Guards are available and may be desired for virtually any location or situation. And each situation has its own special needs.

If you’re in the position of making the decision, we know you’re under a lot of pressure to do the right thing. Especially when a firearm is involved. You want to carefully consider what’s involved. The practical and, of course, the legal aspects.

Armed Guards

Armed guards carry a firearm. And it’s your responsibility to verify many things when hiring an armed guard: Is the firearm registered? Is the guard licensed to carry it? Is the guard trained to use it? Is the guard trained and skilled at an appropriately high level? Laws about firearms differ from state to state. So it’s critical that you learn the laws, or hire a security guard company that knows the ins and outs of the laws about firearms.

Yes, armed security guards cost more than unarmed guards. They’ve had special schooling and received special qualifications. Just knowing that an armed guard is present, serves as a deterrent to the crime against property or person. You can have more peace of mind knowing that if a difficult situation arises, you will have a highly-trained and experienced armed security officer San Bernardino there to handle it. A professional armed guard can intelligently review a situation to keep people and property safe – usually without any violence occurring.

Typically, an armed guard is hired to accompany a political official, to accompany the transportation of large amounts of cash and to protect banks.

Unarmed Guards

Unarmed guards have a responsibility to keep order. The guard will watch and stay on top of situations and report any suspicious behaviour. Importantly, unarmed officers act as “gatekeepers,” making sure that the only people accessing your building, neighbourhood, event, tour, etc., are people who are supposed to be there.

Maintaining control at a live event, providing a checkpoint at a residence or office complex, guarding a retail store, preventing theft, are a few examples of where the presence of an unarmed guard is extremely valuable.

The presence of a security guard (armed officer San Bernardino or unarmed officer San Bernardino) will always heighten the morale of people inhabiting the area. Without question, people feel more at ease and protected knowing a security guard is present. If it’s your responsibility to hire protection, even for non-human things like construction equipment or an apple orchard, you will certainly lose a whole lot of stress.

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